Mass Effect 3 N7 Challenge 'Operation Raptor' detailed

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BioWare has revealed the details for this weekend's Mass Effect N7 Challenge: Operation RAPTOR.

"The Reaper horde is growing, so we must as well. Effective military strength needs to increase, and veterans must train conscripts so that they, in turn, can train others," the description reads.

This weekend's individual Mass Effect 3 goal challenges you to promote at least 2 characters to your single player campaign.  Doing so will award you with a Commendation Pack.  The allied goal of Operation Raptor is 150,000 character promotions total.  If all players successfully complete this goal then Victory Packs will be awarded to all players.

During Operation RAPTOR, all promotions will result in an increased N7 rating.

The war against the Reapers begins Friday at 5pm PST on March 30th and will run until 5am PST on Monday, April 2nd. Participants must set "Upload Gameplay Feedback" to "on" in the online options to be able to participate in Operation RAPTOR.

This operation is only available on Xbox 360 and PC.  Due to Sony restrictions and policies, PlayStation 3 eligibility is still to be determined at this point.

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