Mass Effect 3 multiplayer bug arises, BioWare responds

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Despite Mass Effect 3's critical success thus far (lets forget about those lame Metacritic fan scores), players are still finding ways to blast the blockbuster hit, as seen in the recent outcry of players unable to import their Mass Effect 2 Shepards. Nevertheless, BioWare has confirmed a new, more troublesome bug that's been plaguing the online portion of the game.

According to BioWare's forums, players are saying that they are being locked out of character classes they've already bought, and weapons, etc. that they've received from "care" packs are also unusable. If your unfamiliar with the multiplayer component, you can buy these packs that contain weapons and such through a playing card-like system. As you can imagine, this bug keeps players from items they've earned through the "Horde"-type mode.

In response to the bug, Chris Priestly's, BioWare community coordinator, stated the following

"Some players are experiencing an issue where kits they have unlocked in multplayer are becoming locked again, typically after switching kits. You can reduce your chances of this happening by avoiding going into the Store while 'Ready' for a multiplayer match. It's best to un-ready yourself before you go to the store. We are investigating this issue and will update when we have more information. Thank you for your patience."

All problems aside, how has your Mass Effect 3 experience been? Let us know your stories, complaints, and desires by commenting below. 

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