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Mass Effect 3 accessories announced by Razer


Razer, one of the premiere accessory manufacturers in the industry, has revealed their Mass Effect 3 accessory line.  The new batch of Mass Effect 3 tech goodies includes a gaming mouse, headset, mouse mat, keyboard, messenger bag, Xbox 360 controller, and iPhone 4S case.  Check out the full details below:

Razer Mass Effect 3 Edition Messenger Bag - $79.99

Mass Effect 3 bag

"Without adequate protection, fierce, frantic galactic combat will no doubt wear your gear and equipment out. Featuring tear-resistant, weather-proof, heavy-duty 1680D ballistic nylon, the Razer Mass Effect 3 Edition Messenger Bag allows you to stow and transport your gaming laptop and gear with total armored protection. Wear the iconic N7 logo and stripes as seen on Shepard’s Armor across your shoulders with pride with the Razer Mass Effect 3 Edition Messenger Bag."

Features include:

  • Water resistant TPU inner lining
  • Built in compartments for up to 15" laptops, gaming peripherals, and portable gaming devices
  • Heavy duty 1680D ballistic nylon outer shell (tear-resistant, weather-proof)

Mass Effect 3 Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard - $139.99

"The Normandy SR2 is Commander Shepard’s starship and a quick maneuvering vehicle great for traversing the galaxy, getting the team extracted from hot zones, and dropping behind enemy lines. Just like the Normandy, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mass Effect 3 Edition gaming keyboard is a state-of-the-art weapon with full-fledged heavy-duty mechanical key infrastructure. When it delivers crisp, tactile feedback and faster keystroke actuation, this revolutionary, fully backlit gaming keyboard accomplishes your mission with razor-sharp efficiency."

Features include:

  • Full mechanical keys for superior tactility and faster response
  • Individually backlit keys with 5 levels of lighting
  • 5 additional macro keys
  • 1000HZ Ultrapolling/1MS response time

Mass Effect 3 Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse - $79.99

"The war for Earth has begun, and only Commander Shepard stands between the Reapers and Earth’s total annihilation in Mass Effect 3. Use the Razer Imperator Mass Effect 3 Edition gaming mouse to give yourself the better edge and dispatch your ruthless enemies before they render all life extinct. The Razer Imperator ME3 Edition has been exclusively emblazoned with the iconic N7 logo, bestowed only upon the highest-ranking soldiers of the Systems Alliance military, displayed on Shepard’s Armor, and now in your capable hand."

Features include:

  • 6400DPI 4G dual sensor system
  • Rubberized contoured thumb grib
  • Up to 200 inches per second/50G acceleration
  • Razer synapse onboard memory

Mass Effect 3 Vespula Gaming Mouse Mat - $34.99

"In Mass Effect 3, Commander Shepard and his team will face their greatest challenge yet - the Reapers. The Razer Vespula dual-sided gaming mouse mat is the perfect way to ensure that you’re prepared for each battle. Get neck-breaking acceleration under your mouse with the SPEED side to hit the enemies before they can react, or deliver precise headshots with the measured movement of the CONTROL side. Exclusively designed in pitch-black finish with the iconic N7 logo and stripes displayed on Shepard’s Armor, the Razer Vespula Mass Effect 3 Edition readies both you and your mouse for the war to take Earth back."

Features include:

  • Non-slip, anti-reflective, abrasion-resistant hard coat
  • Gel-filled wrist rest
  • Speed/Control surface

Mass Effect 3 Onza Tournament Edition Xbox 360 Controller - $59.99

"The Onza TE Mass Effect 3 Edition provides enhanced combat effectiveness through adjustable resistance on both analog sticks, and the addition of two fully-programmable Multi-Function Buttons. Quick-fire biotics from the extra shoulder buttons to disable enemies, then use analog sticks calibrated to your preferred tension to accurately finish them off with headshots. An improved D-pad, Hyperesponse buttons, and a 15-foot lightweight braided cable round off this perfect weapon for Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox 360."

Features include:

  • 2 adjustable resistance analog sticks
  • 2 multi-function buttons (MFB)
  • 4 backlit hyperesponse action buttons

Mass Effect 3 Chimaera 5.1 Wireless Gaming Headset - $209.99

"Hear the immersive audio featured in Mass Effect 3. Get the one-up on enemies through pinpoint positional audio, the Razer Chimaera 5.1 Mass Effect 3 Edition gaming headset takes you into the game at full throttle. As you hear the Reapers closing in all around you, be ready to take the fight to them. The Razer Chimaera 5.1 Mass Effect 3 Edition has been exclusively emblazoned with the iconic N7 logo, bestowed only upon the highest-ranking soldiers of the Systems Alliance military, displayed on Commander Shepard’s Armor."

Features include:

  • 5.8 GHZ frequency
  • 3 Preset EQ
  • Circumaural design with 50MM driver units

Mass Effect 3 iPhone 4 Protection Case - $24.99

"With a silicone design inspired by Commander Shepard’s iconic N7 Armor - as designated to the highest-ranking soldiers of the Systems Alliance military - and complete with segmented protection plates, the Mass Effect 3 Edition iPhone 4 Protection Case by Razer sheaths your smartphone in style. Armor yours with the best protection to take on every intense firefight, battle, and hard knock your life can throw at it."

Features include:

  • Heavy-duty silicone
  • Rubberized finish and design

To pre-order any of the above Mass Effect 3 accessories, check out the Razer online store.

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