Mass Effect 2 DLC Half Off On Xbox Live

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Mass Effect 2, game of the year nominee for many, is continuing to give players a reason to dive back into the universe.

Several Microsoft Game Studios DLC add-ons have dropped substantially this week, and that includes Mass Effect 2 DLC. All the add-ons for Mass Effect 2, minus Overlord for some odd reason, are now half off on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The game's DLC was voted to be discounted in a members' choice vote that took place a while ago. The slashed prices can be seen below:

--Kasumi - Stolen Memory: From 560 ($7) to 280 ($3.50) --Lair of the Shadow Broker: From 800 ($10) to 400 ($5) --Mass Effect 2: Arrival: From 560 ($7) to 280 ($3.50)

Joining Mass Effect 2 in price cuts are several Microsoft Game Studio series. These include the Halo series, Gears of War 2, Forza Motorsport 3, Fable III, Kinect Sports, Alan Wake, and Crackdown 2. Every single one of these packs are discounted to half off.

The Arrival DLC features bridges to Mass Effect 3, so if you have an opportunity to pick it up, along with the other add-ons, do so now at half off.

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