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Masahiro Sakurai teases Super Smash Bros. drawing


As if the wait for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. weren't unbearable enough, series director Masahiro Sakurai isn't making it any easy for fans. Today, he tweeted an image of a white board drawing depicting all of the various Nintendo characters who could appear in the new Super Smash Bros. game.

"This is what our staff drew on the white board," he tweeted. "It's good!" It's definitely better than anything I could draw, but it doesn't really serve much of a purpose aside from reminding us how far away we really are from any sort of official reveal....or are we?

Over the weekend, Super Smash Bros. developer Namco Bandai made live a site that teases "All Star Battle" in three days. We don't know exactly what that means, or even if it relates to the Nintendo brawler, but fans have been starved for any type of details and information we can get. The site featured a countdown that points to Thursday, July 5.

Whatever the announcement may be, don't expect to see any potential spoilers in this image. There's no new characters in this white board drawing although it looks like Mario has been hitting the crack pipe lately. Maybe all that gold coin hunting has finally caused him to break.

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