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Marvelous Wants to Bring Boob-Laden Game to North America


Marvelous is no stranger to publishing and developing titles that don't exactly fit the norm here in North America. Though the company has certainly involved itself with well-known IPs such as No More Heroes and Harvest Moon, it has also brought us niche titles that you wouldn't really expect to succeed on our side of the globe. For some reason, and it may be due to the uniqueness of games such as Half-Minute Hero, a lot of the offbeat games that Marvelous helps bring to North America fare quite well.

In an interview with Siliconera, Marvelous made it clear that it once again hopes to deliver the goods in regards to the localization of a quirky title. The game in question this time is Senran Kagura, an action game for the 3DS starring a group of anime schoolgirls who are all very largely endowed. Yup, this is definitely a niche title.

"We are certainly looking to bring this over to North America, and we're working hard to do so," stated the Marvelous Executive Managing Director of Digital Contents Toshinori Aoki. Business Development Coordinator Daniel Kuntz followed that up by saying, "With any of our games, if we can find a partner in the west that we can publish with be it Senran Kagura or No More Heroes. If there is somebody we can sell it with, partner with, and find a market with, then we definitely want to push forward. Senran Kagura is no different."

So it looks like Marvelous will definitely try to bring the racy action game over to North America. I can definitely see a consumer base for Senran Kagura, and given the 3DS's low number of quality titles, it's likely that owners of Nintendo's dual screen handheld will want to pick up the game to have something fun to play on it. We're sure to find out more about this Marvelous project within the coming months. Stay tuned for more details.

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