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Marvel Comics Launches New Online Game!

February 3, 2009

Marvel Launches Wolverine and the X-Men Online Game on

Following the successful worldwide launch of the all-new animated series Wolverine and the X-Men in territories around the world, Marvel is set to debut an exciting online game based on the show. Coming February 3rd to, Wolverine and the X-Men: MRD Escape centers around the iconic character Wolverine, as players use stealth and problem-solving skills to escape the MRD (Mutant Response Division) holding facility and rescue fellow X-Men. Players face unique challenging puzzles in every room, using both brains and brawn to avoid cameras and laser wires, collect access passes, and avoid capture, all without tripping the main alarm. Failure could mean disaster for all mutantkind.

“Marvel is expanding its game library by offering more games of all types, for all our fans, young and old, through our online game initiative. MRD Escape is our first release as we grow this game library and start to enhance the online experience at and,” commented Ira Rubenstein, Executive Vice President of the Marvel Digital Media Group.

Eric Rollman, President of Marvel Animation said, “MRD Escape is a perfect complement to the series, picking up on its action with fun and challenging play for both novice and skilled players.”

Wolverine and the X-Men: MRD Escape is the first of a series of online games scheduled to be released on a monthly basis from Marvel’s Digital Media Group. The next game, Iron Pop, debuts in February 2009 in support of the all-new Iron Man: Armored Adventures animated series, which itself follows 2008’s successful Iron Man theatrical release and leads up to the May 7, 2010, theatrical release of Iron Man 2. The Iron Man: Armored Adventures animated series is slated to release on various broadcasters worldwide in the spring of 2009.

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