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Martian Manhunter teased in new Injustice: Gods Among Us Scorpion trailer

It was leaked about a month ago that Scorpion would be a DLC character in Injustice: Gods Among Us. As the Mortal Kombat poster boy, it was only a matter of time until NetherRealm snuck in a MK character in the game which is based upon character entering from other realities. From watching the gameplay of Scorpion, it seems that Injustice has kept true to his moves and abilities. Between the patented scorpion spear “get over here,” to the off screen teleport, and attacking foes with fire – Scorpion looks familiar to MK fans. I have no doubt he will fit in Injustice perfectly.

Back when Scorpion was leaked, I also recall a slight outcry from the Injustice community that they didn’t want him. With only a set amount of DLC characters, why give a non-DC character? Early in March, Ed Boon (Mortal Kombat guru, director, and programmer) asked fans if they want Martian Manhunter or Professor Zoom in Injustice? Lo and behold, Martian Manhunter is teased descending from the sky at the very end of this Scorpion trailer. Is this the response to angry fans about Scorpion? Personally, I freaking love Scorpion and say bring him on.

Watch the trailer above, check out Scorpion’s familiar move set, and behold the Manhunter coming to Injustice - no longer just background eye candy.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Martian Manhunter

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