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Mario Kills Tanooki in Latest Round of PETA Nonsense


Being an organization that relies on having a strong memberbase, you'd think PETA would want to enlist the help of gamers, one of the largest (and perhaps most-passionate) online communities there is. Instead, they continue with the pointless shock tactics they're known for, this time calling out our favorite plumber for encouraging people to wear fur?

In their latest game creation, Mario Kills Tanooki, Mario flies along while adorned in the still bloody fur of the tanooki giving chase. It's a simple flash game, players chasing after Mario while picking up coins and avoiding various obsticles, in this ridiculous bloody take on the Mario world. 

Whether "Mario Kills Tanooki" is meant to be ironic or not is besides the point, as the plight apparently facing the real-life Tanooki (or 'Raccoon Dog') is apparently very real, as seen in a horrifying video on the site. So what is accomplished by showcasing Mario as a Tanooki murderer? Again, the gaming crowd is one PETA should be aiming to have on their side, but by slamming one of the genre's most celebrated heroes, they earn absolutely no respect regardless of their intentions. The only possible reaction this can inspire is a negative one, with those who aren't in on the joke poking fun at PETA's apparent stupidity, and those of us who get the irony unable to appreciate such bizarre tactics. 

Class up your act a bit PETA. Because this sort of nonsense accomplishes nothing.

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