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Mario Kart 8 toys could be in your next McDonald's Happy Meal


The next time you go to McDonald's and order a Happy Meal, you may find a toy based on Nintendo's recently released Mario Kart 8 inside the box. That's because the fast food chain is likely teaming up with the gaming giant for an upcoming promotion -- that is, if the Happy Meal website is correct.

Quick side note, did you know there was a website dedicated to the child-friendly meal? 'Cause I sure as heck didn't.

Nintendo hasn't officially announced the program yet, but over on the Happy Meal website, you can see the advertisement for the promotion. Judging by the advertisement, it looks like there will be a total of seven toys based on the various racers in the game (Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toad, Peach, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi) along with some sort of plastic-looking Mario visor. Other characters from the game don't appear to be included, but I'm guessing that's because Luigi killed them.

The Mario Kart 8 toys are listed under the "next Happy meal" section of the site, suggesting they'll be available soon. Given that these toys are packaged with a Happy Meal, I'm guessing that they won't exactly be of the highest quality, but I guess it's a fun collectible.  If you're looking for something of a little higher-quality, you'll probably be better off with Amiibo, an upcoming line of figurines based off of characters from Nintendo's franchise.

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