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Mario Kart 7 Hits 420K Sales in Japan After One Week


The 3DS needs more games like Mario Kart 7. No, I don't mean kart racers. I mean the 3DS needs more games that people actually give enough of a damn about to buy like crazy.

In a recent statement to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed some impressive sales figures, translates Andriasang. According to the Big N's CEO, Mario Kart 7 pushed about 420,000 copies in its first week in Japan. This is almost double of what the amazing Mario Kart DS sold on its first week back in 2005. Not too shabby, eh?

Though North American sales numbers are currently under wraps, Iwata did mention that the game fared quite well outside of Japan. We can also expect sales to rise even more now that the holidays are approaching ever so rapidly.

Mario Kart 7 received a great 8.5 / 10 score from our own Robert Workman. Contrary to popular belief (and Cliff Bleszinski), any score within the 8-point range is actually really, really good. It's good to see Mario Kart 7 selling well. Now, how about we keep this momentum going with some more solid titles, Nintendo?

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