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Mario and Zelda get official songbooks


I like going on YouTube and listening to video game music. Whether I'm listening to tracks from my favorite indie games, going back and listening to classics, or checking out a cool tune from a more modern game, I have an affinity for the music of video games. I mean, heck, video game music is really good!

I also like listening to fan covers of certain songs. Whether it's an acoustic guitar cover of "Snowman" from Earthbound, a piano version of the Zora's Domain theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or an electric guitar rendition of the town music from Zelda II, I never get tired of listening to video game music.

Of course, it seems a lot of these awesome covers are often played by ear. Well, fans who want to cover songs from their favorite Mario and Zelda games can now get official music sheets. Alfred Music Publishing has released English songbooks with a number of classics from both series.

The current songbooks available are Super Mario Series for Guitar, Super Mario Series for Piano, Super Mario Series for Easy Piano, and The Legend of Zelda Series for Piano. You can buy digital songbooks or snazzy physical copies. Here's hoping Alfred Music Publishing releases more official songbooks.

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