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Marble Blast Ultra Completely Deleted from XBLA


If bits and bytes had value as a rarity, Marble Blast Ultra would be one of the first digital collector's items. The game was removed completely from Xbox Live Arcade, and I mean completely. Don't delete the game if you've bought it because there's no way to get it back.

The reason behind the removal stems from developer GarageGames closing down, only to then be reborn earlier this year. The company lost the rights to the game in the process, and their CEO Eric Preisz has stated that they're unlikely to recover them. Currently, the rights to the game are held by InstantAction Holdings.

This news isn't terribly different from the EA Playfish social game closure news from earlier in the week. It seems increasingly apparent that if business goes sour, the consumer is the one who gets screwed. What I'd like to know is when this kind of occurrence will be taken more seriously.

Obviously, the Xbox 360 has been a huge success and Microsoft probably isn't going anywhere, but smaller developers are shutting down all the time. We need to start establishing a standard so that consumers aren't constantly under threat of losing the games they spend money on. The digital download market can't survive once people realize they're buying content under such flimsy pretenses.

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