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Many Changes Made to Black Moon Chronicles - Winds Of War

April 15, 2008

Many Changes Made to Black Moon Chronicles - Winds Of War

The team behind Black Moon Chronicles - Winds of War have announced some changes and improvements that have been made to their game. The announcement and a list of changes can be read below.

"Because we care about your participation in the BlackMoon Chronicles - Winds Of War beta-test, we want to keep you informed of the latest developments achieved by our team. Indeed, in the last few weeks, all of our departments have known spectacular leaps forward and the official launch has never been so near!

** Important: Wipe of the server **

To better recognize and identify problems on the Auster server, we will have to perform a wipe of the database this Thursday, April 17 at 23:00 (GMT+5). The server will be unavailable for a short period of time and your characters will have to be erased.

This operation is necessary because several characters carry bugs (caused by erroneous flags, for example) and cause false crashes. It will also enable us to verify that the corrections have the expected efficiency and to adjust our future changes.

We decided to implement a new leveling system, which will be effective after the reset.

We appreciate your understanding and your cooperation to identify past and future problems.

Bug resolution – Giant steps!

Over the past few weeks, our technical team has been busy solving the major bugs, so you can enjoy a more than satisfactory gaming experience. And they have known significant progress! Although there is still a little way to go in this matter, here is a summary of all the major achievements made by our team;

  • No more untimely crashes! Yes! Server crashes (or deadlock, for those which have programming notions) are now a thing of the past!
  • No more graphic bug! This bug, encountered by many of you, caused the emergence of black boxes in the graphics of the game.
  • Major spells and skills update!
  • The Orc’s equipment is visible!
  • The merchants are working!
  • Other major update on April 7! This latest update should fix several content bugs (monsters, quests, etc.), leaving us only a few minor bugs to correct.
  • The launcher is fixed! No more bug in the character’s list.
  • New area available! The dungeon of the Tsaroth Crag's cemetery can now be accessed.
  • New skins for the NPCs and creatures! By correcting certain bugs, we unlocked some skins.
  • The map items are now displayed!
  • The quests that could be done more than once, like Blood Bath and Merchant’s Revenge , are fixed!
  • The Tarciana quest is corrected! Some reboots were caused by a part of this quest.
  • The Templars are fixed! Those monsters caused a reboot when attacked.
  • The Armor Class (AC) bug is repaired!
  • No more infinite display of the learned skills! That bug made the learned skills appear in the chat box over and over again.

We are aware that all these malfunctions were detrimental to the quality of your entertainment, and that is why our team is working literally around the clock to resolve the few that remain. We have at heart to promote a quality product and your involvement is as important today than at the launch of the Beta because we need your bug reports to work on the last ones. Remember, we regularly read what you publish on our official forums, and we suggest you browse through them frequently so that you may stay informed of the latest developments!"

The team of AmalGame-Online

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