Man at Armes forges World of Warcraft’s Frostmourne for the future Lich King

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Of all the numerous weapons across all the lore of Warcraft, Frostmourne has to be among the top most recognized. Not only is this sword wielded by the Lich King, it aided in the corruption of Arthas. "Whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must power scar the spirit."

Well guess what, this legendary weapon has been re-forged. This time it wasn’t by Kil’jaeden, it was created by Tony Swatton – the Man at Armes. This modern day blacksmith has created some of the greatest ‘fictional’ weapons from movies, video games, and animes. It was only a matter of time until he built the great Lich King’s brand. It practically makes me want to go out there and control armies of the undead.

Check out the video below and fantasize about your own Scourge. 

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