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Mamba Games Announces Scorpion Disfigured

July 27, 2009

Mamba Games Announces Scorpion Disfigured

Mamba Games announce the first of their Q4 releases with the launch of Scorpion Disfigured on PC

Mamba Games established by Robert Neilson in 2008 will be announcing further releases in the coming weeks but have kicked things off with the release of Scorpion Disfigured developed by Bit Composers the developers of Stalker which had international success last year.

Set in the Middle East in 2048, Scorpion Disfigured takes terrorists combat to a new level after alien species and terrorist organizations are born from political crisis and the world is thorn apart by nuclear weapons and environmental disasters leaving nothing more than a mine field full of tribal wars, religious fanaticism and ruthless Warlords.

Scorpion: Disfigured is a straight-forward first person shooter which puts the player in the shoes of special agent Scorpion. From the start of the game it doesn't take long until he meets the first resistance in form of un-dead workers, super humans and security guards. To help him deal with the threat, he gets access to several different kinds of weapons ranging from pistols, grenades to machine guns and automatic shotguns as well as to the powers of his suit. Although Scorpion can carry many weapons at once, he can only equip three at a time and has to switch around the layout in the inventory if he wants to use another one.

The games features and dynamic story line make this key game for any PC gamers’ collection:


  • Futuristic storyline supported by multiple cut-scenes

  • Combination of first-person combat and stealth action elements provides unique gaming experience

  • Impressive arsenal of upgradeable weapons

  • Characters can gain access to several paranormal psychic powers including ability to subdue the will of his enemies for short period of time

  • Advanced squad-oriented combat

  • Elite opponents that possess similar supernatural powers to the player

  • The cutting-edge game engine produces a detailed realistic picture

  • Set in Cyber punk styled earth.

Jason Codd, commercial Director at Mamba, explains why PC is still a winning format in a multiplatform industry: “The PC still has huge growth potential with a huge install base, especially for FPS fans. The developers of Scorpion are world renowned and have produced a world class product which will delight FPS enthusiasts, we are excited to be working with Bit Composer on this project.”

The games website can be found at and will give you a greater insight into the characters and storyline.

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