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Making of Jackass the Game Special Hits MTV this Friday

September 20, 2007

Making of Jackass the Game Special Hits MTV this Friday

Jackass Cast Reunites in the Making of Special for Their Upcoming Jackass Game for the PSP, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS

Red Mile Entertainment and MTV Games announced the Making Of Jackass the game special set to air this Friday, September 21st at 12 Midnight ET / PT on MTV. Jackass the game is set for launch this Fall for the PlayStation 2, PSP and Nintendo DS.

The Making Of Jackass the game special reunites members of the Jackass cast as cameras take a hysterical, behind the scenes look at the development of their first video game. The special takes viewers on an insane Jackass ride featuring classic clips from the show and movies that were inspiration for moments in the game itself, along with interviews where the guys discuss their interest in video games and their reactions and expectations when they heard the Jackass game was being produced. In addition, the Jackass crew recreates a few of the stunts from the game in real life like Whack a Wee Man. Fans will also get to check out a raucous Jackass voiceover recording session as well as get a wild look at the cast as they don and defile motion capture suits on body parts and use them in ways that have never been seen before.

Inspired by the popular MTV television series and hugely successful MTV Films Jackass and Jackass number two, Jackass the game is a natural extension of the Jackass property, taking it to new heights as the highly anticipated mission-based action adventure game comes to a videogame system for the first time. Jackass the game allows players to interact and play the roles of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Jason “Wee Man" Acuna and many others from the Jackass gang as they virtually perform more than 35 ill-conceived stunts and pranks. Gamers will spend countless hours entertaining themselves as they hurl themselves into countless reckless situations that have been deemed too dangerous (or too gross) for the cast to try up until now.

Jackass the game will carry a suggested retail price of $29.99 and has been issued an M for Mature rating by the ESRB.

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