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Makers of Tropico 4 releasing Omerta: City of Gangsters this fall

Omerta: City of Gangsters

Bulgarian developer Haemimont Games is releasing a new turn-based strategy game this fall called Omerta: City of Gangsters.

The game, which takes place in Atlantic City in the prohibition-era 1920s, was recently shown at Gamescom. Players ascend the Mafia's ranks as they establish a name for themselves in the criminal underworld.

City of Gangsters delivers a "historically accurate representation" of the area and its landmarks. Players can choose from 15 characters, engage in competitive and co-op multiplayer, and explore 20 maps over 15+ hours. Gameplay involves city overview, planning, expansion, and gathering of intel, as well as development of characters and management of their equipment in the game's RPG-style system. Combat itself consists of a cover system and stealth action.

"Omerta" itself refers to the code of silence shady "businessmen" adopted against authorities.

No specific release date has been set.

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[PC Gamer]

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