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Make your own Star Wars battle droid papercraft


Whether or not you bought Kinect Star Wars for Xbox 360 today, you can still celebrate the long-running space opera franchise with a do-it-yourself papercraft of a battle droid.

Publisher LucasArts tweeted directions for the papercraft today. You can download the instructions via PDF, print out your droid, and construct him using these simple steps:

Battle Droid Instructions

1. Print out on cardstock, or print on paper and glue to thin cardboard like a cereal box.

2. Cut out each piece along solid lines, including slots for arms on shoulders.

3. Carefully score along dashed lines marked “Fold Down.”

4. Carefully score the back of dashed lines marked “Fold Up.”

5. Fold the arms over and glue the two halves of each arm together (do not glue the folded part of the shoulder).

6. Glue the body together.

7. Insert folded tabs on arms into shoulders.

8. Glue the head to the neck and the neck to the body.

9. Fold and glue the two halves of the antenna together and glue to the back of the body.

Have fun!

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