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Make Civilization 5 great again with this Donald Trump mod

With the Great Wall of America


Modders SeaKraken and Ballistic have brought U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump to Sid Meier’s: Civilization 5, with spectacular results.

“In this mod, you can play as Donald Trump, supreme dictator of the United States of America and CEO of the Trump Organization,” the creators wrote on Steam.

Make Civilization 5 great again with this Donald Trump mod

The mod is three-fold, each fold rich with political satire. Firstly, overall population unhappiness is increased by 100 percent by default, but you gain 4.5 happiness each time you establish a city. You also start with a free worker.

Secondly, a custom border patrol replaces the game’s infantry, granting you a combat bonus in friendly territory. Thirdly, the Great Wall of America is built, to “keep the filthy immigrants out” and further boost your home-turf combat abilities. This grants you 15 happiness at the cost of four culture.

Terrific, just terrific.  

Thanks, Kotaku

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