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Majority of fans satisfied with Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut


It looks as though BioWare may finally be in the clear with Mass Effect 3 following the release of Extended Cut.

In a poll asking fans what they thought of the added content, the majority replied that it exceeded or met "most" of their expectations.

Of the 14,724 fans that responded, 4,265 responded that it exceeded their expectations. It simply met the expectations of 1,478 others while it "met most of" the expectations of another 3,776.

Only 2,064 of those that responded said that Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut did not meet their expectations. The remaining 3,141 haven't yet played it.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, which released earlier this week, was BioWare's attempt to expand the controversial endings of Mass Effect 3. The free downloadable add-on was meant to provide closure "through additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes".

While BioWare said that it wasn't a new ending or a re-imagining by any means, it did add a fourth ending possibility. The added ending was the "Refusal Ending" and you can read more about it here.

Also included in Extended Cut was hidden data that's said to be a part of additional DLC revolving around a Reaper named "Leviathan".

The Mass Effect fans have spoke, and we can finally have some closure to the debatable endings of Mass Effect 3. Time to move on, everybody. But before we put this to rest, we'd like to hear your opinion. Were you satisfied with Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut?

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