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Major Updates for Pirates of the Burning Sea

March 17, 2008


Build 1.2.67 goes live on Tuesday, March 18th

Flying Lab Software will release the first major content patch for Pirates of the Burning Sea, the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) featuring high seas action and adventure in a world of pirates and plunder.

A few highlights of the changes in the build will include:

  • Bey’s Retreat - The new mission for experienced players of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Don’t try this alone.

  • Underdog Tools - If a player’s nation wins the map in PvP, it becomes more difficult for them to do so next time. While the other nations get a boost.

  • UI improvements - Revamped the chat channels, added chat bubbles that you can turn off, improved the Social UI, and other user interface changes.

In addition to updating Pirates of the Burning Sea with a major content patch, Flying Lab Software has also spruced up the Development forums on their website  with additional discussion areas that focus on player ideas and allow players to weigh in on future changes to the game. Here are the new forum areas:

  • Community Suggestions - A place for community to discuss, collaborate on and refine new and interesting ideas for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

  • In Concept - All of the threads in this forum area will be either created by Flying Lab Software based on ideas from the Community Suggestions area, or new game features that are currently under review by the Pirates of the Burning Sea development team for inclusion in the game world.

  • Milestone Discussion – This forum area not only gives players a look into the future of Pirates of the Burning Sea, but gives them a chance to weigh in on the changes to come.

  • Testbed Discussion – This forum area is devoted to discussing the Milestones that have been published to the test server, known as Testbed. This is the last stop on the journey before the combined ideas from the players and the developers become reality on the live game servers.

“Flying Lab Software has had a long history of listening to our community, and we believe these new forum areas can only improve the communication between the Pirates of the Burning Sea community and the Flying Lab Software development team,” says Troy “Aether” Hewitt, Director of Community Relations. “We’re excited to work with our community to grow this new initiative into the future, and we’ll depend on you to keep things interesting.”

The Pirates of the Burning Sea game servers will be unavailable while Flying Lab Software moves Build from Testbed to Live. Click this link to find detailed patch notes for Build 

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