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Major Metroid: Other M Bug Currently Has No Fix


A bug that was recently discovered in Metroid: Other M currently has no fix, and Nintendo hasn't announced plans to correct the issue.

In the latest Metroid game, there is a bug in which a certain door is locked. According to reports, there is a door near a lava pit in Sector 3. If the door in question is red, there is nothing the player can do to get out.

According to IGN, a Nintendo customer support rep did say that Nintendo is aware of the bug, but that loading an older game, or restarting the game altogether, is the only fix. Nothing was mentioned as far as a patch or anything of the sort.

Unfortunately, it's not yet known what causes the issue, so the only thing one can do is cross their fingers when they play the game. It's a lousy way to handle the problem, but hopefully something will be fixed behind the scenes in a console update.


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