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Major League Gaming set to host first CounterStrike: Global Offensive showmatch tonight!


Major League Gaming is doing something a little different tonight - they're hosting their first Counter Strike: Global Offensive showmatch! Though they are not playing for any prizes tonight, they will be playing for bragging right in Major League Gaming's first televised showmatch, and will earn valuable ladder points for MLG's GameBattles platform, in which they are currently hosting a CS:GO ladder. Let's take a look at the teams that'll be playing tonight at 8:00PM EST!

Area 51 Gaming

Area 51 Gaming is a fully sponsored CoutnerStrike: Source team that has made its transition over to CS:GO for the GameBattles competition, and are looking strong to take the entire GB ladder. Their lineup includes:

Spencer “hiko” Martin

Sean “sgares” Gares

Kory “semphis” Friesen

Trey “tck” Martin

Sam “DaZeD” Marine

 They'll be squaring off against:


GMC is a new team and are reletively untested together, with no tournament wins under their belt. However, they seem to have some moxy appearing in this showmatch against Area 51. Will it pay off for them? Their lineup includes:

Todd “anger” Williams

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert

Carey “frozt” Kertenian

Paul “pauLy” Guerboyan

Nazar “steno” Vynnytsky

The action will be casted by Corey Dunn, a longtime MLG Shooters caster, so you know the commentary and action will be casted on a professional level! You can tune into the event at Major League Gaming's website at 8:00 PM EST (or right now). Should be a great match, don't miss it!

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