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Magic World Online: New Version Announced

August 24, 2009


Magic World Online: New Version Announced


Ingle Games has set the launch date for Magic World Online Ver. 2.0 – Magic World Rejuvenation. It is slated to be released on 20:00, Aug 27 2009.


In the upcoming new version, a wide variety of play elements will be added to current game. A brand new Binding System is introduced, to ensure item safety even under hack case or account dispute. And hardcore PvPers will no longer have any level of worries, with the inclusion of a new area called “World Arena”, where all players can PK freely at no penalty. In addition, the max level capacity will expand from Lv.80 to Lv.120. And Elite player can access new maps and instances, acquire new class skills and own new monsters.


As a welcome gift from the MWO Rejuvenation, all the new players will receive a set of elite gears after they reach Lv.30. For other ongoing events, please can check them out here:


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