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MAGI Gets a Major Upgrade

January 25, 2008

MAGI Gets a Major Upgrade

MAGI - an original strategy game about wizard duels has just been remade; visuals upgraded and gameplay improved.

MAGI is an unique strategy game / RPG in which the player takes a role of a dueling mage and engages into series of magical battles. The game cleverly mixes elements of strategy and RPG with almost arcade-like action.

Click here to download the new MAGI demo.

"If you would cross Magic: the Gathering with Mortal Kombat, you would get something close to what MAGI is" says Tom Grochowiak, the game's main developer. The new release brings many changes. Virtually every aspect of the game was reworked or improved. "It was hard work. But when I finally released the new version, I realized it's closer to an actual sequel than to your typical patch" Tom admits proudly.

MAGI was first released on March 21, 2007. Since then it underwent many changes and several updates. The game's fresh idea and solid balance were warmly received by both players and game reviewers.

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