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Madden 12's New Features


An NFL lockout isn't stopping EA Sports from introducing a slew of new features to the next installment of the Madden franchise. Madden 12 looks like it's catering to longtime fans of the series by adding features that people have been asking for since the 360 and PS3 came out.

The most requested feature for years has been custom playbooks, and EA is delivering. You can modify an existing playbook or create your own by selecting up to 400 offensive or defensive plays from 75 different playbooks. You can also use your custom playbook in conjunction with the GameFlow system, so now you can have your own custom game plan for every match-up. There is also a new collision system that uses a player’s momentum. Over 100 new tackle animations, including 40 gang tackles, will help you see an array of impactful hits, stolen tackles, and consecutive hit tackling. Over 100 defensive A.I. enhancements have been created, making defense the most realistic in franchise history. Players in zone and man coverage will now react properly in plays.

Presentation is also getting a boost. There will be new player equipment, helmet stickers, pylon and ball physics. A new player degradation system affects uniforms and helmets based on weather and field surface. New player-specific animations will make your favorite NFL players more life-like than ever. Thirty-two team-specific run outs, featuring mascots and cheerleaders, are being added to the game presentation--including over 500 dynamic broadcast cameras authentic to every NFL stadium, innovative “real” on-field cameras shot by expert NFL Films cameramen, and a network inspired new broadcast graphics package.

On the Franchise front, you can expect over 100 new features and enhancements that include expanded rosters, cut days in pre-season, an all-new rookie scouting system, a free-agent bidding system, player roles, hot and cold streaks in-season (based on how players perform), and much more. In Superstar mode, an all-new progression system allows you to earn skill points by participating in practice and games. There will also be position-specific coordinator audio that coaches your growth as an NFL player.

With all of these new features, Madden players will be given the game they've finally been asking for. Stay tuned for new features on Dynamic Player Performance, Madden Ultimate Team, and Online gameplay.

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