Madden 12 PSP Bundle Sure To Please....Somebody

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If for some crazy reason you have not yet decided to jump on the PSP bandwagon, or you're an extreme football fanatic that impatiently waits for the release of Madden 12, this piece of news is EXACTLY for you. Sony has just announced a new PSP bundle that will not only include the highly anticipated Madden 12, but also the now dated Need for Speed: Shift (Which if I recall correctly wasn't that great on the PSP)

This bundle is set to come out on August 30th, coinciding with the release of Madden and will sell for $159.99. Besides the two games, it will include a black PSP-3000 and a 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo.

I for the life of me couldn't think of a person in their right mind who would dish out that kind of money for an almost outdated system that comes bundled with an outdated racing game. Sure the Vita got pushed back to next year but patience is most definitely a virtue.

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