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Madden Ultimate Team improvements in Madden NFL 15


EA today unveiled a slew of details regarding Madden NFL 15's Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). For those unfamiliar, the insanely popular game mode combines elements of card collecting, fantasy football, and classic Madden gameplay. As you play, you unlock packs of cards which can be used to fill the roster of your "fantasy" football team. You then take this team and compete with other players in an online league. MUT has never really appealed to me, but I think that may be due to the somewhat overwhelming nature of it.

One of the changes this year, as detailed by EA, is a new Objectives screen which basically serves as a "helpful friend." EA has created a list of tasks to help new players learn about the mode, and when you complete five tasks on the list, you get a reward pack -- so it's good for both new and veteran MUT players.

Other new features in this year's MUT include the new Item Binder which includes every item in your Collection, allowing for an easier way to manage your Roster, Pending Collection and Reserves. There's also a new lineup screen that includes all of the functionality of the old depth chart in a "new, concise format," making substitutions even easier. For those in a rush, you can use the Lineup Tools and Best Lineup option.

Perhaps the biggest change to MUT in Madden NFL 15 is Sets.

"We used to call Sets “Collections,” but that term confused new players that thought everything you own is your collection. When you add an Item to a Set, it actually leaves your Collection, so we decided to change the name," game designer Chuck Kallenbach explained.

In previous MUT's, you'd have to go through six steps to add an Item to a Collection. In Madden NFL 15, there's just two: 1) open a pack with a new Item; 2) Select that item to open the viewer, and choose Add to Set.

"The single Item viewer now shows you the name of the Set you’re adding to, just to be sure. You can perform all of these tasks in New Items, the Item Binder, or even from your Lineup. Not only is the procedure easier, but it’s accessible from many more places in Madden Ultimate Team," Kallenbach continued. "You can also view an individual Set to see a simple grid view of all the Items required to complete it. You can choose to add any eligible Item from your Collection, or perform a quick Auction House search for something specific."

There's all sorts of other changes and new features in Madden NFL 15's Madden Ultimate Team, so I suggest checking out both blog posts along with the trailer below.

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