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Madden NFL 15 won't have a public demo


Electronic Arts has confirmed they will not offer a public demo of Madden NFL 15 prior to its August 26th launch.

"The difficult decision not to do a demo for Madden was strictly a result of the team's commitment to deliver the highest-quality game possible. We chose to put 100 percent of our development resources toward the full game," an EA representative responded to Polygon after the website initially reported that they received no clarification when they questioned why no public demo would be made available.

Though the spokesperson cites commitment to the full version of the game, I have a sneaking suspicion this has more to do with the EA Access subscription program which went live today on Xbox One. Part of the benefits of being an EA Access member, aside from access to EA's vault, is discounts on digital titles and up to five days early access to upcoming EA titles.

So if you want to play Madden NFL 15 early, it looks like you'll need an Xbox One and a subscription to EA Access which will run you $4.99 a month or $29.99 for the year. What'll really be interesting is whether or not this sort of "commitment" will extend to other EA Sports franchises like NHL, FIFA or NBA LIVE. Ah yes, welcome to the future of gaming. Enjoy paying for demos, folks.

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