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Madden NFL 15 teaches you proper tackling mechanics


Proper tackling mechanics are a lost form in the National Football League. Everyone wants the big hit, and as a result we've seen highlight reel after highlight reel of big gains from poor tackling. Well, EA Sports is looking to change that in Madden NFL 15 by giving you the tools and information you need to make a proper tackle.

According to the developer, Madden NFL 15's tackling mechanics have been redesigned to be "more engaging and accessible." Through the use of a tackle cone, you'll now know the proper time to execute a tackle. Once in position, you can press and hold the left trigger and choose how you want to engage the ball carrier: an aggressive tackle or a conservative tackle.

"An aggressive tackle performed at close range will aim to perform a big hit a power back. If the ball carrier is outside of the tackle cone, take a risk and press Square to perform an aggressive dive tackle," EA explained. Of course, there's still the ol' Hit Stick mechanic for all you highlight fanatics.

"A conservative tackle will wrap up a speedy or agile ball carrier in space, and is the best option to prevent a missed tackle in a one-on-one situation."

The battle may start in the trenches in Madden NFL 15, but proper tackling is what'll stop the big plays. Below is a gameplay video to better show you the new tackling mechanics in Madden NFL 15.

[EA Sports]

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