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Madden NFL 15 player ratings: Top 5 wide receivers


EA has revealed the top five wide receivers in Madden NFL 15 and unlike the past few days, this one is a bit more debatable. Maybe because it's such a passing league it opens this list up for some more debate, but I just feel like there are so many talented wide receivers capable of cracking the top five.

Like, where is Demaryius Thomas? Dude led the league in touchdowns (14) and was fourth in yards (1,430) and he's not a top five receiver? Meanwhile, Andred Johnson who was seventh in yards (1,407) and in the mid-20s for touchdowns (5) is the third best receiver in the game? Sure he's got the history, but he's also playing for the Houston Texans.

I just don't know, but here's the list of top receivers in Madden NFL 15.

Calvin Johnson (Detroit Lions) - 99 Overall

Calvin Johnson

I can't help but feel Calvin Johnson is wasiting his career over in Detroit. For years now, Johnson has been considered as the best wide receiver in the NFL. And nothing changes in Madden NFL 15. Helping him to that 99 Overall is 98 Catch, 99 Spectacular Catch, 95 Speed, 98 Jump, and 99 Release. He's even a top-ten Run Blocker among wideouts. 

Brandon Marshall (Chicago Bears) - 96 Overall

Brandon Marshal

The next best receiver in Madden NFL 15 is Brandon Marshall, and he's three overall points below Johnson. Marshall isn't exactly the flashiest wide receiver in the league, but he is one of the best. Second best? I'm not too sure about that, but he should definitely be in the top five. In Madden NFL 15, Marshall boasts 88 Speed, 85 Trucking, 98 Catch, and 99 Catch in Traffic.

Andre Johnson (Houston Texans) - 95 Overall

Andre Johsnon

Here is where I start to have a problem. There's no denying Andre Johnson has had a tremendous career. But at 33 years old, Johnson is on the downside of his career and I just don't think he's the dominant receiver he once was. Donny Moore feels otherwise, giving Johnson a 95 Overall with 98 Awareness, 94 Route Running, 96 Catch, and 98 Catch in Traffic.

A.J. Green (Cincinatti Bengals) - 95 Overall

AJ Green

Tied with Johnson, is Cincinatti Bengals wideout A.J. Green with 97 Release, 97 Jump, and 98 Spectacular Catch. I've got no problems with this one.

Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys) - 94 Overall

Dez Bryant

Maybe I'm just a Cowboys homer, but I'd shift Johnson down to five and put Green and Bryant each up a spot. Bryant is one of the sole bright spots on a frustrating Dallas Cowboys team, and sometimes he lets that frustration slip on the sideline. Of course, in Madden you don't really worry about the sideline stuff, so enjoy his 97 Agility, 95 Juke Move, 96 Catch, and 98 Spectacular Catch.

Again, it's not a bad top five, but having Johnson among the top doesn't sit well with me. On a side note, the Cowboys now have had two players in top lists -- Dez Bryant for wide receivers, and Zack Martin for rookies. Also check out the top five running backs and the top five quarterbacks.

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