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Madden NFL 15 player ratings: Top 5 running backs and top 5 full backs revealed


Continuing to slowly unveil the top players at each position in Madden NFL 15, EA Sports today revealed the top five rated running backs in the game. Today's reveal is actually a twofer as EA also unveiled the top five fullbacks as well. Like yesterday's quarterbacks, I have to say I'm not too surprised with any of the running back ratings.

Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings) - 98 Overall

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson rushed for 1,266 yards and 10 touchdowns last season. When that's considered a "down year" for a player, you know you are among the elite. There's no debating this, Adrian Peterson IS the best running back in the NFL, so it's fitting that he's the best rated back in Madden NFL 15. "All-Day" Adrian Peterson boasts 97 Speed, 97 Agility, 95 Elusiveness, 96 Stiff Arm and  88 Strength.

LeSean McCoy (Philadelphia Eagles) - 97 Overall

Lesean McCoy

As a Cowboys fan, it pays me to see any Eagles player rated this highly. Still, the guy deserves it as he's easily one of the most explosive backs in the NFL. With 99 Elusiveness, 99 Agility, and 98 Acceleration, Shady is going to be a very dangerous back in Madden NFL 15.

Jamaal Charles (Kansas City Chiefs) - 97 Overall

Jamaal Charles

Jamaal Charles is one of those guys that I feel has been in the NFL forever. But he's only 27 years old -- the prime of his career. To be fair, his injury in 2011 feels like forever ago. Either way, Charles is one of the best running backs in Madden NFL 15 boasting 98 Speed, 99 Elusiveness, and 99 Ball Carrier Vision. He's also a threat in the passing game as he is the second-ranked pass catcher for HB's with 85 Catch.

Matt Forte (Chicago Bears) - 95 Overall

Matt Forte

EA acknowledges that Matt Forte isn't the fastest or the most powerful back in the game, "but there's nothing he can't do," they say. He's just an all around good, physical back with 91 Speed, 92 Agility, 94 Acceleration and 96 Carry. He's also a threat in the passing game with 84 Catch.

Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks) - 95 Overall

Marshawn Lynch

Rounding out the tope five is Marshawn Lynch, aka Beast Mode. With 99 Trucking and 99 Stiff Arm, I recommend not standing on the tracks when the train is coming through. He also has 97 Carry so don't count of forcing any fumbles with Hit Stick. It'll only end up bad for you.

I'm not going to spend too much time on the full backs because, well, they are full backs. They don't get the spotlight. Here are the top five in Madden NFL 15.

John Kuhn (Green Bay Packers) - 93 Overall. First in Pass Blocking for fullbacks, third in Awareness. 

Mike Tolbert (Carolina Panthers) -  92 Overall. 90 Trucking, 88 Carry

Marcel Reece (Oakland Raiders) - 92 Overall. Fastest FB in the game. 90 Speed. Top-ranked FB in Agility and Acceleration.

Anthony Sherman (Kansas City Chiefs) - 90 Overall. Top-rated FB in Run Blocking, 88, and Impact Blocking, 95.

Jerome Felton (Minnesota Vikings) - 88 Overall. 88 Run Blocking.

While you're at it, you can see the top rated quarterbacks and top rated rookies in Madden NFL 15.

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