Madden NFL 15 player ratings: Top 5 Quarterbacks revealed

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Continuing to slowly unveil the top players at each position in Madden NFL 15, EA Sports today revealed the top five rated quarterbacks in the game. While Blake Bortles may be the top rookie quarterback (check out the top-rated Rookies here), it's time we turn our attention to the established folks -- the ones who have been through the grind before and have led their team through both the ups and the downs. Here they are.

Peyton Manning (Denver Broncos) - 98 Overall


After leading to Broncos to the Super Bowl last year (only to get crushed by the Seahawks), Manning returns to Madden NFL 15 as the top-rated quarterback in the game. Madden Ratings Czar Donny Moore notes that Manning's arm strength may be trending downward (86 Throwing Power), but everything else about the quarterback is still legendary: 99 Awareness (ranked 1st in the NFL), 99 Short Accuracy (1st), 96 Medium Throw Accuracy (1st), 88 Deep Accuracy (4th), and 98 Play Action (1st). If you're starting a dynasty from scratch, Manning probably isn't your best option, but if you want to win now then I'd go with the old man.

Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) - 98 Overall

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers played in only 9 games last season, but still managed to account for 17 touchdown passes. There's no denying that when healthy, Aaron Rodgers is among the best. But can he stay healthy? In Madden NFL 15, Rodgers boasts 80 Speed, 94 Throwing Power, 92 Short/ 88 Medium/ 90 Deep Accuracy (ranked 1st in the NFL)

Drew Brees (New Orleans) - 96 Overall

Drew Brees

Who dat Breeeeeees!?!? Brees had another stellar season last year racking up 5,162 yards and tossing 39 touchdowns. Unfortunately, the Saints fell short of the ultimate goal, but that won't stop Brees from returning as a top quarterback in Madden NFL 15. Brees is ranked second in Short and Medium Accuracy, but falls to 81 Deep Accuracy.

Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) - 93 Overall

Russell Wilson

I'll admit, I was at first a little surprised to see Wilson on this list. I just don't think of him as an elite quarterback. He's more of a game manager -- or so I thought. Looking at his stats, Wilson had a solid year under center last season. In Madden NFL 15, he'll be the ultimate dual threat with 86 speed (ranked 8th in NFL for QBs), 90 Agility, 92 Acceleration, 93 Throw Power, and 89 Deep Accuracy.

Tom Brady (New England Patriots) - 93 Overall

Tom Brady

Another quarterback getting up there in age, Tom Brady continues to consistantly lead the Patriots to victory. Even without any help on offense, Brady managed to throw for 4,343 yards and 25 touchdowns. Has he lost a step or two? Probably, but he still has the awareness and accuracy to be an elite quarterback. In Madden NFL 15, Brady boasts 99 Awareness, 94 Short Accuracy and 93 Throw Power.

Do you agree with the top rated quarterbacks? Sound off below.

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