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Madden NFL 15 player ratings: Top 5 cornerbacks


Continuing to unveil player ratings, EA yesterday posted the top five cornerbacks in Madden NFL 15 -- and I'm honestly surprised it didn't start a verbal war between Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson. Seriously those two just b*tch about everything. When did cornerbacks become such loudmouths? I thought that was the wide receivers' job. Anyway, here are the top five CBs in Madden NFL 15.

Richard Sherman (Seattle Seahawks) - 99 Overall

Richard Sherman

Can you imagine the sh*tstorm rating czar Donny Moore would've gotten if he did make Sherman the best cornerback in the game. I mean, the dude went to Stanford! He's got a ring! He plays for the Legion of Boom! Anyway, not only is Sherman the face of Madden NFL 15, but he's also the best cornerback in the game with 99 Overall, 72 Strength, 82 Catching, 98 Man Coverage, 96 Zone Coverage, 94 Awareness, 95 Play Recognition and 98 Jumping.In other words, don't even look his way in the game.

Darrelle Revis (New England Patriots) - 97 Overall

Darrelle Revis

It's hard to believe Darrelle Revis is only 29 years old. I feel like the guy has been in the league forever, but maybe it's because we got all these young cats rising up in the ranks. Other than Sherman though, none have surpassed Revis in terms of overall in Madden NFL 15 where he boasts a 97 rating with 98 Man Coverage, 92 Zone Coverage, 90 Press, and 95 Play Recognition.

Joe Haden (Cleveland Browns) - 95 Overall

Joe Haden

Joe Haden isn't as loud-mouthed as some of the other cornerbacks on this list, but he is certainly among them when it comes to skill. In a few years, I expect he'll be competing with Sherman for the top spot. For now though, he'll have to settle for 95 Overall, 91 Speed, 98 Man Coverage, 97 Agility, 97 Acceleration, 94 Zone Coverage, and 86 Pursuit.

Patrick Peterson (Arizona Cardinals) - 93 Overall

Patrick Peterson

It's gotta kill Peterson that he's 6 points below Richard Sherman. Still, he's a respectable 93 Overall in Madden NFL 15 with 98 Speed, 97 Agility, 97 Acceleration, 94 Elusiveness, 94 Juke, 97 Return, and 82 Catch.

Vontae Davis (Indianapolis Colts) - 92 Overall

Vontae Davis

Rounding out the top five is Colts cornerback Vontae Davis with 95 Man Coverage, 93 Speed, 95 Agility, and 94 Jumping.

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