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Madden NFL 12 Week 6 Roster Updates Detailed, Available Today


Madden Ratings Czar Donny Moore has just brought us the Week 6 Roster Update, which is now available for download on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  The update contains over 400+ transactions, player equipment updates, nad player rating adjustments.

The Detroit Lions proved that their 5-0 start is no fluke as they manhandled Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler all night.  As a result DL Willie Young received a 5 point overall increase (now 73 overall).  Three other players on the Lions D-line received overall boosts including: Lawrence Jackson (75 to 77 overall), Kyle Vanden Bosch (82 to 83 overall), Cliff Avril (84 to 85).  The defense wasn't the only area on the Lions to improve this week.  Matthew Stafford is now 87 overall thanks to his two touchdown passes.  And as expected, Calvin Johnson got his weekly 1 point overall gain.  At this rate, in 2 more weeks he should officially be a member of Club 99.  I don't know why EA doesn't just give him the honor now.  He is clearly the best current Wide Receiver in the NFL.  With 9 touchdown receptions already, Johnson now checks in with 97 overall.

Despite the bye week, the Miami Dolphins still managed to lose, at least in the overall department.  Running Back (if you can call him that) Reggie Bush decrecreased from 74 to 73 overall.  Matt Moore is now #1 in the Dolphins QB depth chart.  The Dolphins travel to New York to take on the Jets on Monday Night Football.  Hello 0-5, and welcome Andrew Luck.

The Eagles continued their downward spiral, leading many (including EA) to believe that maybe the Eagles were never as good as they were hyped earlier in the season.  Michael Vick (now 92 overall), Asante Samuel (now 93 overall), and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (now 84 overall) all dropped an overall point.  If you ask me, they are still overrated.

Meanwhile, the Buffallo Bills continued their impressive start, as they are the ones who beat the Eagles.  Running Back Fred Jackson (111 yards against the Eagles) received the highest overall boost with +4, bringing his overall to 90.  Safety George Wilson received the 2nd highest boost going +4 to 83 overall.  Are you a believer in Buffallo yet?

The Oakland Raiders suffered a tragic loss with the passing of Al Davis, but received an overall team rating increase of 10 points as a result of him no longer directing the team.  I kid, but only because I respect the hell out of Al Davis and everything he's done for the Raiders and the NFL.  He may not have made the best player acquisitions, but he wanted to win.  And boy are they winning now, off to a 3-2 start (which is more than most Raiders fans expected this year).  The Raiders held onto a 5 points lead despite having only five defenders on the field during the last play.  As a result, DL Richard Seymour is now 96 overall (+1), and WR Heyward-Bey increased +3 bringing his overall to 76.

And just because they are the New England Patriots I will mention them.  WR Wes Welker increased +1, now 94 overall.  On the downside is Chad Ochocinco decreased -2, lowering his overall to 79.

Some more changes in the Madden NFL Week 6 update include:

  • San Francisco 49ers HB Frank Gore,  increase 92 to 94 overall
  • Indianapolis Colts QB Curtis Painter, increase 69 to 70 overall (on his way to becoming the next Peyton Manning...amirite?)
  • Houston Texans LB Brian Cushing, increase 86 to 87 overall
  • Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthew, decrease 95 to 94 overall
  • Denver Broncos QB Kyle Orton, decrease 81 to 78 overall
  • Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow, now #1 on QB depth chart (Too bad his #1 jersey sales among women doesn't affect his overall)
  • Carolina Panthers HB DeAngelo Williams, increase 87 to 88 overall
  • Buffallo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, increase 84 to 86 overall (Did anybody see this kid being anything more than mediocre?)
  • Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, decrease 90 to 89 overall

Those are some of the main ratings in the Madden NFL 12 Week 6 Roster Update.  To view the entire list of changes check out EA's Madden NFL 12 official page.

Are you surprised by any of the changes made? Who did EA leave out?

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