Mac gamers, now you can play Sanctum

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Last year, PC gamers were treated to Sanctum, a game that managed to successfully combine 3D action shooter gameplay and strategic tower defense mechanics.

Sanctum received positive reviews and launched to a warm fan reaction. Developer Coffee Stain Studios wants Mac users to get in on the fun, too, though. So what did the dev do? It launched the game on Steam for said Mac gamers. Yay for options!

The Mac version of Sanctum is now available, and it's priced at $9.99. For a limited time, though, you can sang it for $8.99, which means you'll have a dollar to get yourself a snack! To sweeten the deal some more, Coffee Stain Studios is also throwing in some free DLC to boot.

If you're a Mac user and you're looking for a solid action/strategy hybrid, you may want to check out Sanctum.


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