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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will have online and local multiplayer modes


When Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon launches on March 24, ghost hunting will get a little more social. Supporting both local and online multiplayer modes, you and three other players will be able to team up and taken on a myriad of ghosts together.

The multiplayer mode will have a location titled the ScareScraper, a multi-level building that's absolutely jam-packed with ghosts. Each player will assume the role of a different color Luigi, and will have to work co-operatively with one another to clear each floor before the time runs out. Depending on the level of teamwork and how fast each floor is completed, various bonuses will be awarded.

Boss battles also await players at the top of each tower which will surely require loads of teamwork to take down. Though the game will support various difficulty levels for new players and veterans alike, as well as the ability to revive downed teammates.

When Dark Moon releases, it will be available for $39.99 and you'll be able to to pick it up from various retailers, as well as downloaded directly from the eShop.

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