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Lucian, the Purifier, now available in League of Legends

hired gun lucian

It feels like we've been waiting forever to play Lucian, the Purifier, but, finally, that wait is now over. Lucian -- the newest ADC from Riot Games -- is now available for purchase in League of Legends

There's also one alternate skin available for him, Hired Gun Lucian, which you can see as the main image. It trades the look of his order for more of a cyberpunk feel. But both skins are awesome for wielding ancient weapons and sending evil back to the grave. 

Like Vi, Draven and Diana before him, Lucian also gets an amazing song and log-in screen animation. The song is called "Lucian" and it was made by The Crystal Method and Riot Games. Have a listen below. 

If you're interested in purchasing Lucian with RP, he's available for a discounted 1462 RP (normally 1950 RP) until the end of the weekend.

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