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LOTRO: Rise of Isengard Expansion Beta Announced


Today, Turbine announced that The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard, the upcoming expansion to the award-winning MMO, will launch its Beta Program on July 27, 2011! The Rise of Isengard Beta Program is invite-only, but players who pre-purchase the expansion will receive preferred access.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard features three new regions available for exploration. Adventure amidst the bright forests in the foothills of the southern Misty Mountains in Dunland, but beware the Dunland Clans, rugged warriors tempted by the dark promise of power. Battle over the legendary pass between Eriador and the plane of Rohan in the Gap of Rohan. Finally explore Orthanc, one of the iconic Two Towers as it rises over the once beautiful Isengard.

The level cap has been raised to Level 75, allowing players to face new challenges and continue to forge their own legend in Middle-earth with new epic quests, skills, and deeds.

Lastly, master the new legendary 24-player raid as you face the ancient evil of Draigoch, one of hte most powerful creatures in Middle-earth. Prepare for the ultimate challenge where nothing less than the strength 24 heroes stands the chance of victory.

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