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LostZone: Thoughts and Theories from the Mind-Blowing Season Six Premiere

LostZone: Thoughts and Theories from the Mind-Blowing Season Six Premiere
By Louis Bedigian

Flashbacks and flash-forwards are trumped by something brilliant, unexpected and entirely new.

“Surgery isn’t going to do anything to help me,” Locke remarked, speaking to Jack shortly after Oceanic 815 landed safely at LAX. “My condition is irreversible.”

“Nothing is irreversible,” Jack responded. The irony of his words is crystal clear.

After the fifth season finale in 2009, fans argued about whether or not time would be reset. If the show took us back to the beginning and the plane didn’t crash, what would that mean for the survivors of Oceanic 815? Would it make their previous journey irrelevant? Do the fans want that? Would the writers ever do that to us?

On the flip side, if time did not change, the whole story of Season Five would be irrelevant – an outcome that would have been just as lame as if the nonsense from Season Two (hours of pushing “the button”) had not led to something big. Thankfully, it did: when the button wasn’t pushed, an electromagnetic field was released, causing massive destruction to everything on the island and everything within the island’s vicinity – including airplanes.

Season Two was a reminder that if you’re going to spend a whole year building a story, there better be something huge waiting for us on the other side.

Once again, there was.

The sixth season opened exactly as many fans had predicted: with the castaways back on the plane, which no longer crashed on the island. After showing us a glimpse of what their lives will be like in LA, the show jumped back to Juliet’s fateful moment and took an amazing twist by continuing from where things left off last season. The castaways were, in fact, still on the island; they were transported back to the present day and were completely devastated by results of their efforts. They were under the impression that nothing had changed, when in fact everything had changed. They just couldn’t experience it because – if what we are seeing is to be believed – their lives are now split into two parallel universes: one where the plane still crashed, and one where it landed safely at LAX.

The time-resetting conclusion of Lost: Via Domus doesn’t seem too crazy now, does it?

Universally Connected

Considering Jack’s reaction to Desmond* – and the news from Juliet (via Miles) that “it worked” (“it” being the plan to reset their lives) – it’s pretty clear that both versions of the story are deeply connected.

The big question there, of course, is will the show end that way – with both universes moving forward – or will they somehow merge together? None of the castaways are consciously aware of both existences (yet), but both lives have consequences. In the off-island rebooted world, Locke may never walk again, Rose might die of cancer, Kate might go to prison, and Claire might give up her baby or lose it before she has the chance. The only life that has seemed to improve is Hurley’s, as the once-unlucky castaway now believes he has the best luck in the world.

But if their current, on-island consciousnesses win out, Juliet, Boone, Charlie, Mr. Eko, Daniel and Locke are all gone. For good. Even if Jack – poor, messed up island-dwelling Jack – could find peace, and even if Sawyer and Sayid could get over the loss of the women they love, and even if the other castaways could find salvation, there is no way that this could be the outcome the writers intend to provide. As dark as the reboot may be (and I believe it’s going to be very dark), if I had to pick a single universe to end the show with, I’d take my chances with the new one.

But They ARE Connected…

…Which is why it’s inevitable that the two universes will merge in some capacity. Juliet’s words are a clue, but I believe it’s what Miles saw (when trying to connect with Juliet’s spirit) that is the key. He is now (presumably) aware of the other side. But is he aware of his own other existence, if he does indeed exist in the other world? Hmmmm… 

What might happen when the rest of the castaways find out, and how will they react? For the off-island castaways in the reset universe, this revelation would be like giving them a second chance at life – which it is, they just don’t know it yet.

For those on the island, it might feel like a nightmare; the parallel universe represents a life the on-island castaways may be unable to live despite their successful attempt to create it.

This is a paradox no Lost fan saw coming. We all spent months wrestling with questions like, “Can you really change the past? And if you can, wouldn’t every move you make erase the events that allowed you to change things in the first place?” And then the show takes a turn like this. Bravo, Lost writers.


*This assumes Jack was having a faint memory of his island life, which is definitely what the writers wanted us to think. But Jack met Desmond before he ever got on Oceanic 815, which could be the real source of his memory. Or maybe that’s what the writers wanted us to think about?

Final Thoughts on the Premiere

While Season Six did not open with the best shocker (that crown goes to Season Two and Three, whose deceptive intros were unbelievable), it is by far my favorite season premiere. There were more questions than answers, but there was also this great sense of wonder. This is the first time since 2005 that I am more excited for the show itself and whatever it is that the characters are going to do next than I am for the shocking twists and turns.

We may never get answers to the smaller questions, like how Locke’s dad came to the island (the producers have reportedly confirmed that the Others brought him there as most fans thought). Before the premiere, the thought of not getting those answers would have killed me. Now it seems irrelevant. Now I am completely consumed by the parallel worlds and how they will impact each other through the finale in May.

It’s a beautiful new beginning for a show that is nearing its end.

LostZone is a new, ongoing feature on GameZone aimed at discussing the show’s most breathtaking moments (and, if necessary, its most depressing bombs) while dissecting its most intriguing mysteries. Stay tuned for new installments.

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