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LostZone: Sayids Fall to the Dark Side

March 4, 2010

LostZone: Sayid’s Fall to the Dark Side
By Louis Bedigian

Fake Locke takes a cue from the Darth Sidious playbook to push Sayid over the edge.

“You don’t know me. I’m a good man.”

Sayid was sure of his words as he tried to convince Dogen that he wasn’t capable of being consumed by the so-called darkness. He said this only moments before trekking out into the jungle to search for Fake Locke, a man he was persuaded to stab in the chest after listening to Dogen’s words of encouragement....

“He will come to you as someone you know, someone who has died. As soon as you see him, plunge this deep into his chest. If you allow him to speak it is already too late.”

…and redemption. 

“You said that there is still good in your soul. Then prove it.”

Of course, the assassination attempt failed; sticks and stones may break human bones, but they cannot harm Fake Locke. Dogen knew this and foolishly believed that if he sent Sayid to kill Fake Locke, he would get angry and kill Sayid instead. In this week’s episode, “Sundown,” that plan backfired miserably. With Jacob gone and Sayid now under the influence of an “angry man,” the world as we know it on the island will never be the same.

Sayid: A Puppet, A Sith Lord

Lost has enjoyed its share of manipulative characters, but the series may have found its most gifted – and most evil – manipulator in the form of Fake Locke. This week, we can give him a new title: Darth Sidious.

Sidious was a powerful, all-but-unstoppable murderer who wanted complete control of the galaxy. When the time was right, he lashed out at the Jedi, killing as many as he could before persuading Anakin Skywalker to become his new apprentice. How did he persuade him? With the greatest of all promises: he said he could teach him how to stop people from dying. 

Anakin was no stranger to death; he had seen it many times on the battlefield. But none of that could prepare him for the death of his mother, which ignited a bit of anger inside him that he didn’t know he had. Sidious used that anger – and the fear of Padme’s death – to convince Anakin to join him.

However, it wasn’t as simple for Anakin as merely pledging his allegiance. Before Sidious would agree to teach him everything he knew, he told Anakin that he had to eliminate the Jedi. With no other influence than a promise and great fear, Anakin listened and became the most fearful Jedi-killer in the galaxy.

Fake Locke used a similar technique to persuade Sayid to do his bidding for him.

“What if I told you that you could have anything you wanted? What if I said you could have anything in the entire world?”

“I would tell you that the only thing I ever wanted died in my arms and I’ll never see it again,” Sayid replied.

Tempting Sayid to join his cause, Fake Locke added, “What if you could?”

All Sayid has to do is kill the only man keeping the smoke monster from entering the temple. Then surely he’ll be with Nadia again. Right?

Fake Locke made this offer not with plans to deliver but with the knowledge that deceptive, world-class promises are the best way to get what you want. Jacob knows this all too well – that’s why he promised to save Dogen’s son if he came to the island (the catch being that he could never see his son again).

But while both Jacob and his still-unnamed nemesis are full of crazy, “You do this for me, I’ll do this for you” offers, it seems that Jacob is the only one intending to fulfill any of them. Jacob is hardly a saint – by continually guiding people as vaguely as possible, many innocent lives have been lost.

However, if you look into the sideways world, you will see that only the innocent lives have been saved. Martin Keamy, one of the island’s most heartless killers, didn’t need a Widmore-commissioned freighter to be an evil dirt-back: he was destined to be one anyway! His fate turned out the same. Sayid shot and killed him in an unlikely scuffle that involved a financial dispute with his brother, Omar, who just happens to be married to the love of his life. As expected, Nadia is alive and well in the sideways world.

Though it is not yet clear if Sayid’s alternate existence is better than his original on-island persona, it does not seem out of the question that the sideways world is what Jacob has been shooting for all along. After all, he told Dogen he could save his son but “never see him again.” However, we know from last week’s episode, “Lighthouse,” that the boy is alive in the sideways world, as is Dogen. Thus, if we assume that Jacob is more than a master manipulator – if we believe that he is better than Fake Locke, then maybe he is fulfilling every promise and a little bit more. In his first life, it’s true that Dogen could no longer see his son. But in the sideways world, it appears that he and his son are exactly where they should be.

Unlike Jack, Locke, Kate and Claire, it is not yet clear if Sayid is truly better off in the alternate universe. Throwing Jin into the mix only complicates the situation; why would Keamy lock him into the freezer…unless he was working for Sun’s father? If that’s the case, Sayid, Jin and Sun may have a bit of a struggle ahead, regardless of the universe they’re living in.

Kate: In Shock and In Horror?

As Kate followed Fake Locke and his band of crazies, how did you interpret the look on her face? Was she horrified by all that she saw, and merely chose to go with the “evil incarnate” to save her own skin? Did she follow them because she still hoped to save Claire? Or was that look the beginning of a transformation that would allow Fake Locke to control her, just like Sayid and Claire?

I’m gonna go with the horror/mission to save Claire theory. But this is Lost, so anything is possible.

As for Claire, she gets weirder and weirder every week. “Sundown” didn’t provide any eye-popping clues regarding her fate. But if you examine her behavior in “Maternity Leave” (the Season Two episode that explained what happened when Ethan took her) and “Cabin Fever” (the Season Four episode where she appeared in a cabin with her father), you will definitely notice the similarities in the way she is behaving now. Perhaps her dazed-out persona with Ethan and Christian is the real clue we’re looking for.

Let’s examine that thought in next week’s edition of LostZone.

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