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LostZone: Sawyer is a Con Man, a Ladies Man, but not a Loyal Servant

March 18, 2010

LostZone: Sawyer is a Con Man, a Ladies’ Man, but not a Loyal Servant
By Louis Bedigian

Sawyer double-crosses Widmore and Fake Locke by pulling his most compelling con yet.

During the flash sideways intro to “Recon,” there was a wonderful moment of disbelief when Sawyer confessed that he was a cop. There was no way to know for sure if he was telling the truth: after all, he’s a master con man, and we’ve seen him pull the money-in-a-briefcase gag before. Still, it felt like something was different – it felt like he might have been completely honest about his identity.

In that moment, Lost was as gripping as ever. “Recon” didn’t offer any big revelations (the writers are apparently saving them for the Richard episode airing next week), but it gave us Sawyer’s best story yet. Like the flash sideways with Jack, Sawyer’s tale was true to his character – no matter what, his life is screwed up, and the only way he survives is by believing that he will one day track down Anthony Cooper.

But where might that mission take him? Let’s take a look.

Sawyer’s (true) destiny is calling.

The Con Man’s Journey

Sawyer’s run-in with Kate is sure to have great significance in a future episode, but I am much more intrigued by his detective work. Before con man Cooper met his demise in Season Three, I longed for a series finale that would involve a similar outcome. I had no idea my wish could come three years early.

Now that the sideways world exists, it’s hard not to think about the ending I used to hope for. But that can’t really be where the show is headed … can it? If the island is indeed a place of redemption – and if the sideways world is what comes after the island scenario is complete – then Sawyer cannot find peace in revenge. That may have been a satisfying outcome in his former life, but it won’t do anything for him now.

However, with nothing to live for except revenge and the memories of dead loved ones, is there anything that could stop Sawyer from committing murder?

I think we all know the answer to that one: Juliet. She will be his salvation. He will meet her and fall in love with her all over again at a pivotal moment in his life. And it will be through her that he finds peace, happiness, and the ability to survive despite his unbearable circumstances.

In a way, the island represents Fake Locke’s version of a wheel chair:
something he does not want to be confined to forever.

But with no hint of Juliet in this episode, how will they meet up? Let’s think back again to Season Three: before blacking out and waking up on the island, Cooper remembers only one thing – a car accident. In the sideways world, I’m betting that Cooper will be involved in yet another car accident, this time during a heated chase with Sawyer, who has finally discovered where Locke’s dad has been hiding. With no island to be transported to, Cooper will be taken to the hospital. Sawyer, the arresting officer, follows him under the guise of police procedure. Deep down, however, he’s hoping for an opportunity to take him out.

Just before Sawyer gets that opportunity, just before he is about to become the man we met on the island, he bumps into a beautiful fertility doctor named Juliet. Suddenly, revenge can wait. For now, he’s more interested in sharing a cup of coffee with the woman of his dreams – in this life or any other.

Smoke-Thing’s Deception

I’ll make this one quick: I in no way believe that the smoke monster had a crazy mom. It is almost certainly a Ben Linus-style Sith Lord mind trick used to manipulate Kate. Speaking of manipulations, who here thought that Fake Locke used his direct influence over Claire to get her to attack Kate so that he could step in and look like the hero? Yet another manipulation.

There’s a reason why Hurley’s luck turned around in the sideways world.
Stay tuned to LostZone to hear my theory in the coming weeks.

The Truth is in Their Dreams

I’ve been re-examining parts of Season Two and Three, and one thing really stood out: here, more than any other season, the dream ghosts (the ghosts that appear in their dreams) behave like Jacob, and some of the on-island ghosts behave like the smoke monster.

The most interesting scenarios can be found within “Further Instructions” and “The Cost of Living,” both from Season Three.

During Locke’s fantasy airport dream in “Further Instructions,” Boone pushes him in a wheelchair through a mock LAX scenario in which the castaways re-create their boarding procedures. Only this time, Hurley isn’t boarding, he’s working at the gate, and Desmond is seen walking with a bunch of female flight attendants.

Boone – his apparent ghost, at least – is using this scenario to show Locke who he needs to help (Mr. Eko). At the time, fans thought nothing of the fact that Desmond appeared in the airport, despite the reality that he shouldn’t be there. We all assumed he was there because, in this context, LAX represented the island. But what if we were wrong? What if the producers had a brilliant plan all along and placed Desmond there as a tease for what was to come in the sideways world?

Coincidence or not, this scenario is still quite revealing. From beginning to end, Boone is calm, confident and noticeably vague – just like Jacob. Could that be a coincidence, too?

Meanwhile, in “The Cost of Living,” the ghost of Yemi comes to Mr. Eko and tells him that it’s time for him to confess and be judged. “I will be waiting,” he says. “You know where to find me.”

At the end, when Eko finally catches up with Yemi, he tells him that he does not ask for forgiveness and that he is not sorry for what he did. He says that he did what was necessary to survive, and that he is proud to have spared his brother from a life of murder.

Yemi replies, “You speak to me as if I were your brother.”

This upsets Mr. Eko, who asks, “Who are you!?” Yemi walks away, and as soon as he disappears, the smoke monster comes out to play. Is this a coincidence as well?

It scares me to think that the ghosts on the island will eventually be explained as being nothing more than Jacob or the smoke monster. Maybe if we didn’t see it coming … Maybe if we were still in Season Two, it’d work. But now, after all these years, I feel like there has to be – or at least should be – a more uplifting explanation than that. Maybe, just maybe, the island is exactly what it appears to be: not purgatory, but still a place where the living and the dead collide.

“My brother was on this week but I’m still off camera? What’s that about!?”

That Famous Quote

Have you ever wondered why Karl was taught to believe that “God loves you as He loved Jacob”? Why is God’s love for Jacob past tense? Is this a significant clue that we’ve been overlooking? Or is it merely a bunch of gobbledygook concocted by a powerful man – Ben Linus – with manipulative intentions?

Let’s figure that out – and dissect the long-awaited Richard episode – in next week’s LostZone. In the meantime, you can hear further Lost teasers and tidbits by following me @LostZone (do so before Friday and you’ll be entered to win Lost: Via Domus for the Xbox 360.)

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