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LostZone: An Eye for an Eye

April 1, 2010

LostZone: An Eye for an Eye
By Louis Bedigian

“The Package” focused on Sun and Jin, but Mikhail’s scenario may hold the greatest revelation of all.

After watching "The Package," few Lost fans can look at the flash sideways without fearing the future. Up until this point, the good outweighed the bad; though Sayid may be doomed no matter what, Jack, Kate, Claire, Hurley and Locke were much better off.

But while this episode may have hinted at a bleak future for the show's most enduring couple, does anyone really believe that Sun and Jin (and their baby) won't make it through the finale? Instead of dwelling on this fear-inducing plot twist, let's examine a more significant development.

Jack’s newfound faith in Jacob wasn’t much comfort for speechless Sun.

An Eye for an Eye

Mikhail made his first sideways appearance in “The Package;” not surprisingly, both of his eyes were intact. That changed after Jin, desperate as ever to protect his wife, pulled a gun on this hard-to-kill Other. Mikhail was a cocky as ever, and in wrestling Jin for the weapon, the gun went off. The stray bullet hit Sun, who was doubly horrified; not just for herself but for her unborn child.

While most Lost fans were either stunned by the scene or surprised by how predictable it was (I think we all knew what she wanted to tell Jin, right?), the most interesting part had nothing to do with these castaways. If you ask me, Mikhail’s scenario was much more intriguing.

From the moment this season began, Lost has teased us with the mysterious connections between the parallel worlds. But as of Episode 10, we still don’t know how or why they’re connected. My gut tells me that when Mikhail was shot, we weren’t just seeing the inevitable (common assumption: he lost his eye before so he must lose his eye now) – we were seeing a distinct connection between the two worlds.

As I see it, Mikhail is somehow able to travel between the two worlds. If the old world and the sideways world technically exist at the same time (there’s no reason to believe they don’t run concurrently), then time travel would not be a factor in Mikhail’s scenario. Time would play a role, however, as “The Package” seemed to occur shortly after Oceanic 815 landed. Now if you look back on Mikhail’s previous adventure, he didn’t battle Sayid, Kate and Locke until long after Oceanic 815 crashed on the island. 

I’m betting that “The Package” was his first mission. Though he failed and got shot in the eye, we know all too well that Mikhail is very difficult to kill. Consequently, he survived the gunshot, picked himself up off the ground and traveled back to the original world, where an old Dharma station was in need of a guard. A few weeks later, he encounters Sayid and company on the island.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But let’s not forget that Mikhail shot and killed Bea, a woman so determined to keep the truth a secret that she told him to shoot her. At the time, the biggest question I had was: why would anyone die to keep a secret? Secrets are only valuable to the living. But if she knew of another world that she could go to and escape her dismal fate, death may not seem like that bad of an option. In fact, that might have been what happened to Mikhail: he died in the sideways world and was transported to the island.

However, if death in the sideways world means you get another chance at life on the island, what happens if you die on the island? Do you go to the sideways world, as the season premiere indicated after Juliet’s emotional departure? Wouldn’t that create a paradox? Or is there yet another twist – and another parallel rule – at work here?

Hurley speaks to the dead. But that doesn’t mean everyone he speaks to is dead…

The Man in the Coffin

In both the original Lost universe and the new sideways world, Christian managed to slip away from his final resting place. For years, viewers have wondered why he appears to be alive on the island – is he a ghost? Is he merely a Jacob or smoke monster illusion? Or is he something else entirely?

With all the deception that has occurred on Lost, and with the assumption that "dead is dead" (even though it's not), fans rarely seem to ask what could end up being the most obvious question of all: what if the reason Christian isn't in the coffin is because he was never there in the first place? What if he is, in fact, alive?

It's true that Jack saw the dead body of a man that closely resembled his father, and that law officials in Sydney had that body in their possession. But if you consider the inconsistency of time on the island compared to the rest of the world, Christian could theoretically be alive on the island and dead in Sydney. That, however, isn't a very likely outcome. A more plausible explanation would be the one thing fans always overlook: that the body in the coffin was the illusion.

My theory is that when Christian arrived in Sydney, someone or something pulled him to the island. It wasn't the Others, who had no knowledge of this at the time (if ever), nor would it have been the so-called natives who inhabited the island before the Dharma people arrived. It probably wasn't Richard either.

But I wouldn't be surprised if Jacob handled this mission himself, knowing the importance of bringing a man to the island who would be capable of leading Jack, Locke and others to their ultimate destiny.

When Jack went to Sydney to track down his dad, Jacob had to play a trick on him in order to get him to leave the city quickly so he would be on Oceanic 815. If Jack couldn't find his dad, he would have extended his stay, no question. Thus, after digging around and making his way to the morgue, Jack learned that they had found the body of a man whose blood alcohol level was very high. With that knowledge (and a little bit of Jacob magic), Jack took one look at the body and saw what he feared most – but not what was actually there. In reality, the man wasn't Christian.

No one could dispute Jack's identification of the body because it would have otherwise been a John Doe. When it came time to pack up the body for the flight home, I doubt that anything was ever put inside that coffin. The morgue made a mistake, and Jack left too quickly for them to correct it.

When Jack finally catches up with his father in the series finale and learns the truth about what happened (I expect the most revealing words to come from Christian, not Jacob), Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse may very well achieve their goal of making their mothers’ cry. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll make us cry, too.

In Hurley’s sideways world, the hatch was never built…right?

Hurley’s Happy Ending?

If there’s one thing that has been on my mind lately, it’s Hurley and Libby: first because it killed me that the writers were willing to dump a great, new story without a conclusion (both were in the psych ward together … that’s all we know), and second because the producers recently confirmed that the show will finally give the Hurley/Libby story some closure.

In what form will that closure come? There are so many possibilities I’m not sure where to begin. The obvious outcome(s) for the sideways world are: Libby is Hurley’s wife, girlfriend, best friend, or merely someone he is about to meet who will change his life forever. She could be his psychologist, but I hope not.

In the sideways world, Hurley and Libby are still very likely to have been in a mental hospital together, but may have just barely crossed paths. Hurley is still rich, he still won the lottery, and at this point he is still unlucky. It would be easy to assume that, whenever his luck turns around, it’s because the island – and everything connected to his lotto numbers – is under water. But I think the writers will leave this one open to interpretation, because I am betting his luck will change the moment he meets Libby.

In the original on-island storyline, that already happened. Libby helped Hurley overcome his pain and his fear. Prior to meeting her on the island, he would never have had the courage to hop in a van and run over some Others. Though their time together was limited, Libby helped Hurley become the man he is today.

If Libby is going to appear on the island again (or in a flashback from Hurley’s original past), then we will finally learn how this unlikely couple came together. Given the semi-deranged, semi-traumatized look on Libby’s face at the end of her psych ward reveal, it’s clear that she needed help. But it wasn’t the drugs or a doctor who helped her – no, I’m convinced it was Hurley. He probably bumped into her one day and, as a miserable and tortured guy himself, instantly recognized what Libby was going through. He reached out to her and began to help her … and then something catastrophic happened, causing them to block out this memory.

What might that catastrophe be? It could be something simple, but history tells us that whatever it is, it will be connected to the island.

Hurley and Libby went their separate ways, recovered on their own (or so they thought), and left the psych ward without ever realizing how they began to get better in the first place. When they met again on the island during Season Two, they were instantly drawn to each other, not realizing that there is a deeper connection going on than newfound friendship or affection.

Whatever form Libby takes in her return to Lost, I am confident that she and Hurley will ultimately find happiness – hopefully together, but even if they’re apart, I doubt their conclusion will be anything but memorable.

Charlie vows to stay in this position until he resurfaces on Lost.

Sun and Jin’s Unborn Baby / Desmond in a Box

We’re out of time and space, but in the next LostZone, I’ll dig deep into the lives of Sun and Jin, dissect their latest tragedy, and unearth the one and only way they can overcome it. Additionally, I will examine whatever fate befalls Mr. Hume, who should make a big splash in the next episode of Lost.

That is, of course, assuming LostZone survives another week. This column needs your support now more than ever, so tell your friends, spread the news, and follow me on Twitter @LostZone.

And be sure to tune in to NDB Media’s Lost radio show every Thursday at 10pm EST. I’ll be a guest on the show next Thursday (April 8), and will have plenty to say about this amazing TV series.

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