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Lost Planet 3 delay brings fresh pre-order incentives


Lost Planet 3 is coming…eventually, or so Capcom promises. Earlier this week the publisher delayed the third installment of the Lost Planet franchise due to reasons they failed to provide. For now, the game is scheduled to hit store shelves August 27 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, well away from its initial June launch window, but Capcom has given fans somewhat of a bone to chew on to hopefully gather some hype.

Today, Capcom announced three special pre-order bonuses that can be obtained through GameStop, Amazon, or BestBuy. These bonuses include GameStop’s “Freedom Fighter Pack,” Amazon’s “Punisher Pack,” and BestBuy’s “Assault Pack.” The earliest guarantees players the ability to use beloved character Hunk from the Resident Evil series in Lost Planet 3's multiplayer mode, along with four other bonus multiplayer characters and two rig upgrades, the Pressurized Claw and Tungsten Carbide Drill. 

Amazon and BestBuy’s pre-order incentives differ only slightly, promising the Pressurized Claw and Tungsten Carbide Drill, along with a selection of three in-game bonus weapons, which differ from whatever outlet you pre-order the game from. However, no multiplayer characters are offered in either outlet’s bonuses.

If you’re looking into pre-ordering Lost Planet 3, make sure you check out the trailers below, as they outline what you’ll be getting, in glorious video, from each outlet:

So, if you’re planning on pre-ordering the game, what outlet will you be handing out your money to? Let us know by commenting below.

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