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Lose weight by playing StarCraft


Gaming is hard enough while sitting in comfy chair. But walking and gaming? Whoa. 

Enter the TrekDesk -- and no, it isn't a Star Trek-themed desk. The TrekDesk is a desk that hooks up to your treadmill and offers enough space for your gaming essentials. And it looks like the results are in.'s Parris lost over 40 pounds while gaming on the TrekDesk. He sets his treadmill for 6% incline at two-and-a-half miles-per-hour, eats healthier, and plays StarCraft nightly. I can get behind a diet that requires nightly doses of PC gaming. Parris says that he doesn't even notice that he's walking, but I feel like I'd be so aware of that and wouldn't be able to focus on the game I'm playing.

The email I got from PR about the TrekDesk was titled "World of Warcraft Gamer Reports ... blah blah blah." I'm sorry Mr. PR Man, but Parris lost 40 lbs playing StarCraft, not WoW. I'd imagine that his performance took a dip, as well. 

So if you're every playing League of Legends and someone on your team is missing a ton of CS -- they're probably using the TrekDesk. If you're ever raiding in World of Warcraft and someone in your group pulls the whole mob -- they're probably using the TrekDesk. If you're ever playing StarCraft and the person you're playing against can't micromanage -- that's just StarCraft.

In all seriousness, getting healthy is never a bad thing to do. If you can keep playing video games or using the internet while on a treadmill and losing weight, why not do it? 

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