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Lords of the Fallen reveals first gameplay footage with commentary

With focus on combat and action, Lords of the Fallen brings action-RPGs to a new height. Though faster pace and more hack n’ slashish than Dark Souls, Bandai Namco wants to show off their new game coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Sure we can watch cinematic trailer until we’re blue in the face but players really want to see the meat and potatoes gameplay. Our prayers have been answered.

In this nearly eight minute long video, we get both gameplay and commentary. Choose your class and play as a warrior, cleric, or rogue. Equip weapons and armor that fit your play style and have at it. This medieval fantasy game takes place on a world ruled by a fallen god. With demons returning to the world, it’s your duty to take them out. As a man with a slew of sins of your own, why not fight evil with evil?

Check out the footage above and decide if you have what it takes. Although there isn’t a hard release date, expect it to come out Fall of 2014.

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