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Looks Like That's It for Team Bondi


The last couple of months have been rife with uncertainty for Team Bondi. The L.A. Noire developer has officially entered administration, reports GameSpot UK. If you have no idea what that entails, it basically means the company is done for the most part.

When a company enters administration, it's usually due to a lack of funds on the part of the company. With no means to pay off debts, the company is pretty much screwed. Team Bondi apparently doesn't have the resources to pay off its debt, so its doors have been closed, and the studio has been taken over by an external party.

Recently, several Team Bondi employees complained about the working conditions within the developer. Others spoke out about being excluded from the game's credits after having worked on the game. All in all, Team Bondi was surrounded by a few shady stories, and this whole administration business seems to spell the end for the developer.

It's a shame the company has to be closed down, especially after delivering a solid adventure game in L.A. Noire. According to a report from SmartCompany, Team Bondi's doors have officially closed, and there are no more employees within the company to address anything media-related. It's strange to see a company go out this way. I mean, companies that make one game go out all the time, but I wouldn't have expected this after the success of L.A. Noire.

Rest in peace, Team Bondi. Umm ... What's with all this awkward silence?

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