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Looks like you can hunt birds in H1Z1


Everyone likes to shoot birds, right? That's the question Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley posed to gamers when posting a video showing a flock of birds in H1Z1, SOE's upcoming zombie-survival MMO. Judging by his question, it seems as though you'll be able to hunt birds in the game, perhaps as a source of food.

If you're wondering why the birds seem a little clunky in the video, it's because this was "the preliminary flying behavior" that programmer Mitch Evans wrote. Even though he admitted it was "very preliminary" at the time, he decided to make the video anyway "because BIRDS!"

"Speed hasn't been tuned yet. Animations / [Level of Details] haven't been tuned yet," he said, adding that he's "going to make them corpse-seeking tomorrow, though, and "spook" from approaching humans / zombies / predators." 

"Art will fix the LODs / animations and design will be given the new behaviors to make them meaningful in the game. But, it's a good start :)"

With all of the focus on weather of late, it's nice to see some other features in H1Z1 coming along. When asked about early access for the game last month, senior designer Jimmy Whisenhunt told us "we're getting there."


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