Looks like tomorrow's Xbox 720 event gimmick is the IllumiRoom

Xbox One (Console) Screenshot - Xbox IllumiRoom

Oh no, say it ain't so, Microsoft. Please don't ruin your next-gen Xbox event with another gimmick. I understand that I'm being unfair in my early judgment of the new technology that allegedly alters the appearance of a room to enable new gameplay and viewing experiences, but I just don't want to another "future of gaming" gimmick (aka the Kinect). Yes, I realize the Kinect sold great; that doesn't make it a great piece of technology, especially when it comes to gaming.

IllumiRoom was first unearthed back in January of this year when Microsoft released a proof-of-concept video. Judging by the video,       the system alters the appearance of the room, extend the field of view by expanding the gameplay environment onto your surrounding wallspace (or furniture), and trigger apparent motion. The goal is to "push the boundary of living room immersive entertainment by blending virtual and physical worlds with projected visualizations." It seemed a bit headache inducing to me...

It now appears that IllumiRoom will be a part of tomorrow's next-generation Xbox reveal, according to the often accurate Windows blogger Paul Thurrot. Thurrot also said that Microsoft's plans to release a subsidized Xbox 720 have been scrapped. Under the supposed plan, Microsoft would sell a next-gen Xbox for $300 to users who signed up to pay $15 a month for two years of Xbox LIVE Gold.


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